In Memory of
Evelyn T. DuShane
1925 - 2014

Had many good times with Ebby!! Enjoyed the experience of working together for many years.

~ Carol Ann Smith - February 17, 2014

There are countless memories and funny stories that I could share. My favorite is going to NY for Thanksgiving every year with my dad and on Thanksgiving morning we'd drink instant coffee (only for Nanny would I do that), have toast, and watch the parade on her little TV in the kitchen. As soon as the parade was over "It's a Wonderful Life" would come on and we'd watch it while getting ready for the day's festivities. To this day I watch that movie on or around Thanksgiving.
There was no one like Evelyn DuShane. She was funny, tough, strong, and courageous. I loved teasing my dad that he feared no one or nothing on earth other than his mommy...he'd say yup, you're right about that.
Even though I have always lived many miles from Nanny I learned many things from her. Most important, second to making the best mashed potatoes in the world, was sense of family. ALWAYS stand up for your family, no matter what. That will stay with me always.
Nanny is at peace now - she has her energy back and is with her boys Jerry, Bill, and Roy and if she has it her way, she's making a ham dinner with mashed potatoes, spinach, and apple sauce for them. Bitter sweet but I know she's happy to have her boys with her and that warms my heart.

~ Debbie DuShane Brown - February 16, 2014

Obituary for Evelyn T. DuShane
Obituary for Evelyn T. DuShane
Evelyn T. DuShane's obituary
Evelyn T. DuShane's obituary
Albany, New York
Albany, NY.